Split Journals- the Catcher and the Rye

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Split journal instructions

Ideas/events in Catcher in the RyeMy reaction


Sample A:
Holden says that he is, “trying to feel some kind of goodbye…” school. (Chapter 1 pg 4)

Sample B:
Holden Caulfield went to visit a teacher who failed him before he left for winter break (Chapter 2 pg 6-)

Chapter 1a:
When Holden got kicked out of school.

Chapter 1b:
When the book speaks of Holden being the fencing captain.

Chapter 2a: Throughout chapter 2 Holden is being lectured about his grades. Chapter 2b: In chapter 2 Holden walks away while being lectured.

Chapter 3a: Holden is annoyed by the kid in the next dorm to him.

Chapter 3b: In the end of the chapter, Holden’s roommate talks about how he has to shave.

Chapter 4a: In the book they refer to a basketball game and how this one guy was built for basketball and etc.

Chapter 4b: For almost the whole chapter, Stradlater is shaving the whole time.

Chapter 5a: When Holden starts to finish Stradlater’s “composition”.

Chapter 5b: At the end when it talks about the snoring in great detail; coming from Ackley.

Chapter 6a: When Stradelater barges in the room and starts to yell at Holden.

Chapter 6b: When Holden attacks Stradlater.

Chapter 7a: When Holden keeps on talking about Jane.

Chapter 7b: When Holden leaves Ackley’s room in the middle of the night.

Chapter 8a: Holden gets on a train and heads to New York.

Chapter 8b: He lies like crazy to the lady on the train.

Chapter 9a: When Holden is trying to make conversation to people. Then he tries talking to the cab driver and is kind of ignored.

Chapter 9b: (I can’t really connect to much more, but I do want to say something about one of the events.) When Holden sees the people spitting soda into each other’s mouths.

Chapter 10a: When Holden buys all the drinks for the woman.

Chapter 10b: With the girls being obsessed with movie stars.

Chapter 11a: When Holden continues to go on about Jane.

Chapter 11b: When Holden realizes that no one is in the lobby and is depressed by that.

Chapter 12a: When the book speaks of Ernie as a Jerk hot shot guy.

Chapter 12b: When Holden is talking to Lillian.
Ideas to start you reactions:
I wonder…
It made me think of…
I like the idea of…
I noticed that…
It bothers me when
If I had been there I would’ve…
Why did…?
How did…?
I was surprised that…
(Feel free to use your own. These are merely suggestions to help you get started)

Response to sample A:
I remember when I left my house in Phoenix, I kept waiting for it to hit me, but it didn’t until I heard my voice echoing in the empty rooms before we left.

Response to sample B:
It made me think of a time a teacher called me into a grade conference to talk about a bad grade

Response 1a:
When I left Mexico I didn’t want to leave but I had to like Holden.

Response 1b: It made me think of when I use to fence and I sucked.

Response 2a: My dad lectures me every other day, about my grades.

Response 2b: I do this whenever I am upset with my mom or dad and they are trying to talk to me.

Response 3a: I share a room with my cousin, and he always bothers me by asking me questions and etc. about his video games and such.

Response 3b: I have to shave every weekend for work. (I know this one isn’t all that great, but I really couldn’t find much. My apologies.)

Response 4a: Whenever I would go to a basketball game with my friend Jared, when the players would warm up; He would try predicting how the “top players” would play by looking at the people that “looked good” and etc.

Response 4b: I don’t mean to be random, but when I shave I take a LARGE amount of time and the whole time I was reading this chapter I was thinking, how is this guy...
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