Splice Movie Review

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Splice Movie Review

The movie was about two rebellious scientists, Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast who had been achieving fame by slicing DNA’s of different animals to create new hyrid ones and futher decided to add human DNA. Since their company was not interested with such an experiment, they secretly did it. They injected human DNA to one of their creatures to see if conception was possible. Their experiment was a success, they named it Dren. It was a female. She began to grow and learn fast, so they decided to bring it to a place where nobody could discover Dren. They continued taking care of her until Dren started to act violenty. Elsa who had grown a maternal bond with her, already had second thoughts on continuing the experiment. They also had arguments because Dren had an intercourse with Clive only to find out that Elsa had used sone of her samples of DNA to produce Dren. They decided to go back to the farm, and found out that it was dead. They buried her, and when they were about to leave their company boss arrived to see Dren. Suddenly they were attacked by Dren, it was alive and it turned into a male. Elsa tried to run away but sadly, Dren caught and raped her. Later on, Elsa showed herself up in the office and revealed that she was pregnant with Dren’s baby.

I like the story, it’s not like the other normal movies we always see on tv. It opens our minds to different issues in our society nowadays. People may see it as wild, horrific or, disgusting but maybe they have not seen the worse of our world. Yes, the movie might have offended people but it’s just a representation of how we are and how we could be. We may see it as a fantasy but it could be real. We as humans are curious, we tend to want more than what we already have. We have wild minds and expectations, we break rules and experiment on things to discover more. Endlessly we learn, learn and learn more. It’s the beauty of life, there’s so much in it we all crave to know. But we should do it in...
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