Spirometry Write Up

Topics: Respiratory physiology, Lung volumes, Lung Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: April 8, 2013
March 18, 2013
Spirometry Lab Write-Up
A. Subject History
The subject is a twenty eight year old female. She stands five feet eight inches tall and weighs approximately one hundred fifty pounds. The subject is a non-smoker and although she has never had any respiratory issues, asthma does tend to run in her family on the maternal side. The subject does however admit to feeling out of breathe easily when doing intense exercise for an extended period of time.

B. Effect of CO2 on Breathing
How did the subject feel after this experiment? The subject reported feeling short of breath and that it felt like it was hard for her to breathe. Describe the changes (on the graph) that occur in the rate and depth of respiration between the first 15 seconds and the last 15 seconds. The first fifteen seconds the breathing appeared to be more shallow and slower. During the last fifteen seconds the breathing became steadier, deeper and more frequent. Briefly describe the reflex that regulates normal respiratory rate and depth. Which gas contributes most to the reflex? Refer to your text for further information. The regulation of normal respiratory rate and depth is due to respiratory centers in the medulla oblongata (ventral respiratory group and dorsal respiratory group), and chemoreceptors (central and peripheral). CO2 is the gas that contributes most to the breathing reflex.

C. Measurement of Lung Volumes and Capacities
Gas Temperature Inside Spirometer: 22°C
BTPS Correction Factor: 1.091
Bell Factor: 30
Table 1
Lung Volume or Capacity | Abbreviation | Measured Value (mm) | Corrected Value (ml) | Tidal Volume | TV | 30.5 mm | 998.3 ml |
Inspiratory Capacity | IC | 64 mm | 2094.7 ml | Expiratory Reserve Volume | ERV | 45 mm | 1472.9 ml | Inspiratory Reserve Volume | IRV | 33 mm | 1080.1 ml | Vital Capacity | VC | 109 mm | 3567.6 ml |...
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