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Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Anxiety Pages: 5 (2079 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Erin Law
Prof Hayashi
Spirituality and Empowerment
April 28th 2012

This course has taught me meaningful and significant life lessons that I will be able to use for many years to come. The four main things I learned that have most impacted how I see and act in the world are becoming more mindful of the present moment, being less fearful, loving myself just as I am and accepting the truth. Each of these lessons have taught me how to make it through the day knowing everything will be okay. My attitude has become more positive and more genuine towards the myself, others and the world. I have grown as a person knowing that I need to be more mindful because I am now more aware of the present moment which makes me in tact with my mind and spiritual consciousness. I have changed by being less fearful and loving myself just as i am because I have accepted that God has made everyone beautiful in their own unique way. Accepting the truth has changed me for the better because now that I accept reality how it is I am able to see more clearly.

The main lesson I will forever hold on to is being more mindful of the present moment. In One Path, Pantajali talks about breathing and how one should always be aware of their breathing for they are breathing freely. I use this notion in order to be more mindful because when I catch my breath, I catch my mind drifting from my body. Day dreaming is a big occurrence in my everyday life. It is those moments where I catch myself off guard and remind myself that I must be more mindful because then I will be more happy. Since learning how to become more mindful, I have become more happy. My behavior has changed since I recently became more aware of my surroundings because I am doing more things for myself as well as others.

One personal example where I used this lesson to my advantage was when I walking to class in the rain. My attitude was negatively affected until I became conscious of the present moment. I thought to myself that rain is a sign that earth is alive. I realized I am alive and therefore I can take my next step being more aware that amongst negative aspects of life, there is a positive hidden below the surface. Another personal example where I used this lesson was when I was home for spring break. My parents took my sister and I out for a nice dinner and we were allowed to order whatever we wanted. Once the food came and I caught myself in the moment, I thought how lucky I am to have this meal in front of me surrounded by a wonderful family. It is the people in my life that make me happy to be alive and when I catch myself thinking how lucky I am, I have conquered happiness. The last example of when I benefited from being more mindful was when I was with a friend at the park. We were laying on our backs facing the sun and talking about life. Once we started to get really deep in conversation, I noticed my mind become aware of my thoughts and the things that were coming out of my mouth. I realized that being more mindful of what you say will help you communicate to your fullest ability. After that I found that I was able to communicate in a way that was both effective to me and my friend. All three of these experiences reinforced to me the power of mindfulness. When you are acting in a mindful manner, you feel more whole and at ease while coming to your senses.

The next lesson that has taught me endless meaning to my life is being less fearful. Being less fearful has impacted me because opting out fear helps me become more in a conscious state of being. A passage that stood out to me about fear was when Jesus talks about 'fear not". Fear is the great killer of spiritual experience. When we are caught up in worries and anxieties we lose ability to feel empathy for others and for our own selves. Also we lose touch with God when we are afraid. My understanding of fear has changed because I learned not to be fearful of what has not yet come. Being...
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