Spirituality and Religion in Nursing

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Spirituality and Religion in Nursing
Stephanie Shoulders
Facilitator: Marsha Conroy
NUR 332-A: Nursing Theory for the Clinicians
September, 12, 2012

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Spirituality and Religion in Nursing
Spirituality is defined as a quality that transcends religious affiliation and strives for inspiration, reverence and awe, and as the inherent drive of a human being to empathize and act for others just as one would do for himself. (Shakeel, 2012) Religion as a master motive whose origin is rooted in basic human desires for security and protection, but with maturity provides a comprehensive philosophy of life, meaning, a value-system, and beliefs, and practices which promote integration of life events & personality. (Highfield, 2012) Spirituality differs from religion because it is built based on your religion beliefs. Religion is the center of your spirituality. When I think of spirituality I think of my personal beliefs or actions based on my religion that I use in everyday life. Spirituality in nursing is used without thinking about it. I believe that it comes natural when taking care of patients. Holistic care is taking care of a patient as a whole, not just fixing the current diagnosis. Holistic nursing is a type of nursing that...
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