Spiritual Warfare

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The "helmet of Salvation" and the "breastplate of Righteousness" are included in the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 59:17. A Roman Soldier was known as a legionary.

There were also other Roman Soldiers called auxiliaries who included the Roman Cavalry.

Roman Soldiers came from all over the Roman Empire. Their job was to defend Rome and fight to conquer new lands to add to the Roman Empire.

Roman Soldiers, once they joined the Roman Army had to serve for twenty-five years.

Roman Soldiers served in a unit known as a century. If a Roman Soldier was promoted to be the leader of a century of soldiers he was known as a Centurion.

A century of Roman Soldiers consisted of approxiamately 80 men - so to be a Centurion and lead this many men was an important job in the Roman Army.

Roman Soldiers were only promoted to be Centurions if they were clever, brave, good fighters and obeyed orders.

There were 59 centuries of Roman Soldiers in a legion. In total the Roman Army consisted of about 30 legions.

A Roman soldier's three main weapons were a short sword for stabbing, called a Gladius, a long iron, throwing spear called a Pilum, and a large rectangular shield. The shield was used for defence, to protect the Roman Soldiers body but also could be a very effective weapon, when needed.

Roman Soldiers had to carry their own weapons, food and camping and sleeping equipment. They often had to march up to twenty miles a day carrying all this so it was important that they were strong and fit.

Roman Soldiers trained together and were prepared for battle. They learned strategies and tactics to enable them to fight together as a single unit.
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