Spiritual Life Evaluation

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Spiritual Life Evaluation

Coming to Christ
I was born in Mutare. My mother was an active church member and she went to the The United Baptist Church in Sakubva Township. So I was raised in a christian background though my father did not go to church. However even though he did not go to church, he wanted to see all his children go to church. Every Sunday we would wake up early to attend Sunday school. Mrs Mlambo who was also the pastors's wife, was our teacher. Sunday school started at 9:00am and I really enjoyed my Sunday school. Sunday school for me was a time to see church friends after a long week of separation. We would read bible verses and the teacher would explain these verses to us. At times we would be required to memorize these verses as homework. We would sing songs full of dance and clapping hands. One of the common songs are : Verse 1

My bible, my bible and I (repeat)
Oh, what a wonderful treasure, God gave without measure.
We are traveling together, my bible and I.
Verse 2
My Jesus, my Jesus and I (repeat)
This went on until I was eleven years old when I also graduated from Sunday school to Junior Youth. As a young girl, this did not mean much to me and I viewed it as just a way of living. At the age of thirteen I went for baptism lessons which preceded baptism. We were later to bring white clothes on the day of baptism and we were to wear these white clothes after removing the wet clothes. When it was my turn to be baptized, I meditated the phrases and words said in the baptism sermon. The pastor said " I have buried the old Winnie, you are now a new creation". We all wore white clothes and the church was so thrilled and there was jubilation. Each one of us was asked to choose a new name since we were now new people and I chose Tsitsi. I kept on reflecting on what had taken place and surely I felt the new change. I was sorry for all the sins I had done before and I cried and groaned. I could feel the love...
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