Spiritual Formation and Getting Closer to God

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Research Paper Instructions

Your Research Paper will be based on one of the following choices:

1. The Impact of Divorce on Children
Research the impact of divorce on children under the age of 18. This is to be based on research, not opinion or just experience and observation.

2. Spiritual Formation across the Lifespan
Research the spiritual formation and growth throughout the lifespan. Look at Kohlberg, Fowler, and Piaget. You will discover other have worked on this topic as well. You can certainly use Scripture, but good research is required. Be sure to support your opinions.

3. Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and death American culture cannot seem to come to terms with growing older or death. What is the basis of this thinking and what can be done to see this as part of life’s journey? This should be based on research and not just your opinions.

APA format is required for this paper. That includes a cover page, an abstract, the main body (with in-text and parenthetical citations), and reference page. You may want to refer to the APA style guide provided in the course.

Your paper should be at least 5 pages of main body text, not including the title page, abstract page, and references. At least 5 resources must be used; sources should be books, journal articles, and some internet sites. You are required to have two professional journal articles; for example, Journal of Marriage and Family. (Note: If you use the Berger textbook and/or the Bible, they must be in addition to your required 5 resources. Do not use either one of these as your main source.)

The paper should be double-spaced, with 1” margins and typed in 12-pt font. Be sure to include a page header with page number.

Refer to the grading rubric provided. This will be helpful to use as you prepare your paper.

Research Paper Submission Schedule:

Module/Week 2: Submit your topic by typing your choice in the...
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