Spiritual Agnosticism

Topics: Religion, God, Christianity Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Jill Headley
February 1, 2013
2nd period English III (Honors)
Spiritual Agnosticism and Why It Makes Sense
Constantly, religious arguments are going on, whether it is between different religions or between a common group. There are always battles going on, which can range from verbal disagreements to wars. But why waste your time arguing? The deity or deities that you worship probably don’t want you shoving your beliefs down others’ throats and giving the religion in whole a brand of ignorance. It does no good to preach damnation to those who do not follow or believe the same things as you. Yet, it does no good to constantly worship a higher power or powers.

I’ll use Christianity as an example. Christians claim that God loves everyone, but then say that He hates gays, sinners, people who don’t follow Him, and any other group that they can think of. They’ll make the point that the Bible says not to judge and that only God can judge a person, yet they will go on to tell people that they’re going to Heaven or Hell. But according to their beliefs, only God can be the judge of that. You can worship God or whatever deity all you want, but in the end, it’s your actions that count.

Agnosticism in itself is the belief that claims concerning God and certain accompanying religious or metaphysical beliefs cannot be proven either way. The truth is not known so it cannot be argued. Spiritual Agnosticism is the belief that it doesn't matter which religion you might follow, nor does it matter whether or not you believe in God. What matters is what you do, not what you believe. You can go to church every Sunday, pray every day, and do your best to be a good Christian. But if you cheat on your spouse, go steal a car and some guns, and then kill 10 people, you probably wouldn’t be looked at as a good Christian anymore, regardless of how much you worship God.

Being agnostic does not mean you are an atheist, or that you hate religion. If you are agnostic, you may or...
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