Spirit Chief Names the Animals

Topics: Music, Hymn, Song Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Spirit Chief Names the Animal People
Tonight my friends and I had the pleasure of listening to a guest recital of one of Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate’s compositions. The lecture recital was titled “Spirit Chief Names the Animal People” and it was truly a sight to see. Before last night I had never really been exposed to any music quite like this but it was very interesting and exciting. The stories were all funny and reminded me very much of some of the readings in our text book. The show featured a style that I had never experienced before, as the words were portrayed in a storytelling fashion while also having all of the elements of an orchestra. It was also really cool to be able to have a little Q and A with him afterwards. He talked about how he got started with his music career and detailed how his rich heritage has influenced his life. Jerod comes off as a very genuine guy who is obviously doing what he loves and enjoys. He even played the crowd a few encore songs as well. This was really cool as well because as the composer of the music piece he had actually sat in the seats and watched the performance. So needless to say everybody was itching to hear him play something, so it was really cool that we got to see him play some things. For his first song he grabbed his shaker and sang us an old native church song from the days before the Chickasaw were forced to relocate to Oklahoma. He explained how the roots of many native songs are actually old church hymns from the large native Christian population. He then played a second song from memory which was all vocal with no instrumentation which I believe was also a hymn song. All in all this whole night was great, I went to the concert with a few old friends who were simply tagging along to hear some music and try something new. And we weren’t disappointed. We all thoroughly enjoyed the concert and it turned out to be a nice, little Wednesday night. It was really nice to just get out and...
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