Spirit Bear

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Knowledge Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Throughout life we all face problems, and sometimes these problems cause us to go over the edge do to the fact that we really don’t know how to control our anger. In the book Touching Spirit Bear Cole encounters many problems with life. People were tired of having to pay for his anger in their community. Eventually he was banished to an island to learn how to take control of his life. But what important lessons does Cole learn about controlling anger and how does it change him? In my opinion Cole learns that anger is something that you can control if you are willing to and that it takes time to do so. The ways he learned to control it was by performing those daily routines that Garvey and Edwin showed him, which would eventually help him in his recovery. For example in chapter 17 Edwin told Cole “We’re going swimming,” Cole responded “Are you nuts?” this routine was actually soaking in the pond which would later big come a big thing for Cole, helping him relieve his mind and forget about things. At first in the book it did mention that they seemed useless to him, but as time went by he learned the value of them. Another routine was the ancestor rock. In this routine he carried a rock up a hill caring for it as if it was his ancestors and once he got to the top he had to push it with all his strength as if rolling away his anger. I noticed the importance of these routines to Cole’s daily life when towards the end of the book there was one point where he started to skip some of them. As a result his anger was coming back and he really wasn’t able to control it without the routines. One big factor that made him realize his anger issue was the anger dance that he performed in the book which helped him learn that no person is a totally bad person, people just do bad things because that's all people know how to do. In this case the example would be Cole’s dad the way Cole’s mom told Cole that his dad had carried baggage with him his whole life. He also learned...
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