Topics: Winter, Emotion, Sylvia Plath Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: January 31, 2013

The word “Spinster” ,which is the title of the poem written by Sylvia Plath, in its literal sense denotes “single, unattached or free”. With this plain interpretation alone, you supposed to spot in an instant what could be the perspective of this poem, you may think that it is all about a person who lives alone, unmarried or unaided. This is merely gazing on the title itself, but when you come across on the entire poem deeper leaks on its real context will be unscrewed. The first stanza of the poem signifies a girl who had a sudden realization towards what she really feels for her suitor during their way out.”Ceremonious April walk” this line represents the time/moment wherein the girl felt something unstable with her feelings or instincts for her lover, in particular this could happened somewhere in April which signals the start of spring time in four-season places. “With her latest suitor found herself, of a sudden, intolerably struck by the bird’s irregular babel and the leaves’ litter ”, these lines could mean the eye-opener she got hold of from that moment or conversation. With the way these elements of spring time are being used to reveal the girl’s emotion this could also imply that the girl’s not so good impression towards spring season. The second stanza is all about how the girl’s sentiment further exposed. “ By this tumult afflicted, she observed her lover’s gestures unbalance the air, his gait stray uneven” these lines if the concern is the literal elucidation, it could mean this way; “with that commotion happened the girl saw all the negative things that her suitor did making the condition unstable and his ways and actions departed from what is should”. It could also imply that in their time being together the girl had seen several dealings from her suitor it may include violence that maybe for her were all on the wrong pace. “Through a rank wilderness of fern and flower; she judged petals in...
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