Spin Masters

Topics: Supply and demand, Baseball statistics, Environment Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Mini Assignment 1
1. Harry, Rabie and Varadi took few key decisions in start, to start up their company. Their First Decision was to How to Introduce their product “The Green Buddy” into market, with unique approach they asked Root’s Store to Introduce , as they product matched roots urban approach , as this was a hit, and Order of half a million products was submitted by K-mart in United States. Second Key decision was to simply move the work from Harry’s Kitchen to Small factory where 200 employees were around the clock to meet up with the demand of the product. Looking through Decision environment, these decisions were Non Programmed Decisions by the Managers. First Decision of brand new company introducing a new product, through a urban outfitter store of roots and matching its theme was very unique, it required Intuitive thinking and was non programmed decision is it applied to specific problem of introduction of product to market, not usual approach by any other company. Second Key decision of moving the Operations to factory to cope up with demand of product once it was a hit was also non programmed decision because as this was a new young company it had no routine to cope up with situation of high demands. The environment was risk environment when introducing the product and moving it operations because during these decision owners knew through their alternative, they didn’t have much idea about their alternative but knew outcome could be a problem or successful alternative. 2. As a result of Success of Spin Masters, certain decision errors and taps might be a problem for the company’s future. First Error being Heuristics where limited information, time and energy from people may cause managers to make simple decision which needed non programmed decisions, such as product can be launched at wrong time of the year, or Non useful marketing campaigns can be used to introduce a product into a market. Heuristics occur mainly because of limited...
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