Spike Heels

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Spike Heels

The play spike heels was written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Deborah Mello. I viewed the play spike heels at the Miami Dade Community College Kendall campus auditorium. The play consisted of four characters; there were two males Andrew and Edward and two females Lydia and Georgie. The role of Andrew was performed by Arnaldo Carmouze and the role of Edward was played by Sheaun Mckinney. The part of Georgie was beautifully played by Natalie Morales and Lydia witch was performed by Karina Hernandez. This play took place in a Boston apartment during present time. The play opened up in a much undefined manner doing a poor job in explaining the characters that were being spoken about. For instance when the play began the characters of Lydia and Andrew were being spoken about but the audience had no idea who they were, even though the character of Lydia was a bit better explained than Andrew they still left some gaps. Another issue that was exaggerated in an un realistic way were the curse words, I can understand that the character Georgie was supposed to be bad mouthed but not even the worst mouthed person wouldn't have repeated the "F" word so many times.

My favorite character in the play was Georgie witch was performed by Natalie Morales. This was my favorite because she performed her part more on point than any of the other characters while having the most lines. Another reason why she was my favorite of the characters in the play is because she played the role of Georgie with the most credibility. For example she was the street girl from Brooklyn, New York and she played her part like if she was an actual Brooklyn girl it looked like she wasn't even acting the other characters didn't look as natural as she did. The effortless credibility was not the only advantage that she had over the other characters; her body language was also something that it looked like she put most of her effort into but made it looked as if she was natural.

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