Spies of the Cold War

Topics: Central Intelligence Agency, Soviet Union, Espionage Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Spies in the Cold War

Spies had a great role in the cold war, a lot of spies were in different areas to find out what other countries were doing or planning to do to then bring back the information to the country they were working for. There were many types of espionage in the cold war for different countries in order to find information that can lead to a victory in the war. I will need to research the different types of espionage there was and what they were looking for, I will also need to research how spies started out and if they got away with it or not and what were the consequences if they did get caught. I will be getting this information from the Internet from various sites then converting them into my own words. To deal with sources that may be biased in anyway wont be hard, what I will do is try to find roughly the same information in other sites to then fairly clarify the statement and be as fair and correct as possible.

At the time of the cold war, spies was something new to have some sort of advantage by knowing before hand what your opponent country is going to do in order to stop it and use it for your benefits. American film industries gave spies a very romantic image but for actual spies their job was far from romantic yet very dangerous. All spies knew that this job is one hundred percent in or one hundred percent out; there was no going back if you get yourself in the spy life. Agreeing to be a spy requires full commitment and dedication to your job meaning you may never release any information to anyone unless you work for them and not to anyone else. Spies also knew that if they got caught there would be no way he or she could be rescued.

There are many different types of spies to find out a certain something. So every spy is trained specifically on a certain area of espionage to then become an expert in that area so no error is made and the job is perfectly done. There are four main broad areas of espionage and these are; *...
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