Spiderman 2 Psychology

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Spiderman two is a complex example of psychology because Peter Parker displays all the behaviours, feelings and what triggers his actions that psychology states. Peter pan shows guilt from his uncles death, grief which eventually leads to weakness and makes him give up his super-self because of the stress he acquires. In this movie the parts of psychology that are shown by Peter Parkers feelings towards Mary Jane, his grandmother and his best friend Harry Osborn. Parker also has rational decisions because of his feelings that lead to him to leave his Spiderman costume behind. All of these actions and behaviours are triggered by the stress he faces throughout the movie. Guilt is one of the motivators that keeps making Spiderman fight crime. Ever since Parker (who wasn’t Spiderman just yet) let that thief run away with the money and eventually kill his uncle Ben, he has felt that it was his fault because he did not stop the thief. Greif and revenge also blend into with guilt because when he let that one thief go, he killed one of the most important people in his life and now Spiderman doesn’t let any thiefs go because they may destroy someone elses life just as one destroyed his. The main factor to Parkers actions to temporarily give up his costume was caused by stress that he had gotten throughout his lifetime. The events of losing his uncle to a thief that he had a chance to stop, losing his love Mary Jane, and having to kill his arch enemy the Green Goblin which was reviled as his Harrys father. He also had stress from getting fired because he couldn’t make his orders in time and his grades and grades were gradually dropping because he could not make it to his classes on time. All these motivators triggered Peter Parker, or Spiderman justified his actions throughout the whole movie because everything blended into one person to living a double life and that destroyed him as a person and eventually destroyed his overall personality. But when he realized that...
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