Spider-Man: The Incident on Broadway

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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Spider-Man: The Incident on Broadway
The producers of the new Broadway musical “Spider-man: Turn off the Dark” canceled its Wednesday matinee to add safety precautions after a lead actor playing Spiderman was seriously injured from falling more than 20 feet into a basement beneath the stage during Monday night’s show.

According to NY Times, the accident happened during one of the final scenes of “Spider-Man”, when the superhero is supposed to be running toward the edge of a raised platform above the stage. As he tried to save the shows heroine, Mary Jane Watson, he lost his footing and fell off the platform. Julie Taymor, the director stated “Mr. Tierney had been properly attached to a tether, but the tether was not affixed correctly to the equipment that was supposed to hold him in place”. The theater immediately went dark and audience members reported hearing screaming for help before the house lights were turned on. An announcement was made that the show was over for the night soon after. Mr. Tierney was quickly taken from the theater and transported by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital Center.

NY Times also stated that Julie Taymor released “Mr. Tierney suffered two broken ribs, internal bleeding and other serious injuries”. He was listed under serious condition and was taken in to recover in Bellevue Hospital Center. He was the fourth performer to be hurt on the set of Spider-Man. Scott Fisher, president of the company that builds equipment for the show’s aerial stunts, told the Washington Post that Tierney’s rope was supposed to have been clipped to the stage at one end and his back at the other. “The stage crew would have been responsible for making the connection for hooking him up,” Fisher said. “The actor is responsible for making the final check that he is good to go. It’s sort of like packing your own parachute.”

The accident prompted an investigation by federal and state safety inspectors, as well as the Actors Equity Union. They examined the...
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