Spider Man in Real Life

Topics: Spider silk, Silk, Spider Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Is there a possibility for a real life Spiderman? During this essay I will answer questions and finally get an answer of my first question. In my own opinion yes I think Spiderman could exist in today’s world. Later I will talk about why and also how. I will also talk about that ‘Spiderman’ is both physical and in an emotional state. “Friendly neighborhood Spiderman”. This is said in the first movie by peter parker. He is trying to tell people he is not a villain, but that he is a Good Samaritan. Spiderman is always trying to help citizens and take care of the city. I know there is a little Spiderman in all of us. Everyday citizens serve citizens and sometimes without realizing it. Just like people in today’s society they would help a random stranger just because they are in need. How much spider silk will it take to produce just one long enough strand to swing on? In Madagascar there were two guys that collected spiders every morning get the silk from them then release them back in to the wild. What they would do with the silk was pull it out of the spider then put it on a spindle it's then put on a hand loom and weave it into a tapestry. It's called dragline silk; a spider can produce up to seven different types of silk. The dragline is what frames the web; it's the thicker silk on the outside. Also, it's extremely strong. The first panel that they wove, they were quite stunned by the fact that it sounded like guitar strings, pinging like metallic guitar strings. It is a very, very unusual material. Over the course of four years and the help over one million spiders they finished the tapestry. To finish the tapestry it took over one million spiders. One spider would take about 20 minutes to collect the silk. Each spider usually produced 400 yards. To make a long strand to swing on it would take quite a bit of spiders. Is there a...
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