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  • Published : December 7, 2008
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English media coursework

It could be said that we all want to be a superhero of some description; how does the director of Spider-man perpetuate these aspirations?


“With great power comes great responsibility”

“With great power comes great responsibility”

The director of Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) has introduced the audience to a feeling of aspiration through a variety of different techniques and captures the viewer’s attention to the smallest details with great success and deliverance to become the character that is Peter Parker.

One of the ways that make the audience aspire to be Spider-Man is the set. The idea of the director is to involve the viewer in the story; he does this by having a set that most people at home can relate to, as the family in Spider-Man have not got a lot of money and are an average group and a typical American family. The set that Sam designed for the various scenes in Spider-Man is realistic and makes the viewer believe they are real, although, in the wrestling scene, Sam managed to make this scene and the scenes leading up to it so realistic that the audience don’t think that they don’t have planned wrestling matches in America. Mise en scène includes this and is one of the very useful techniques, and can have an overwhelming effect on the viewer, as everything that is on the screen at any one time is there for a reason, and has a meaning. It gives the viewer information on the surrounding area or people. For example, if the kitchen cupboards are meant to be white, but are a yellowy brown colour, this could mean that the person smokes a lot, or that they aren’t very clean. This is used to its full potential in Spider-Man as the director makes sure the viewer can understand everything about Peter, and give them an idea of what they are aspiring to be. Peters room is a typical sized, single bedroom, but in it there is things you wouldn’t think Spider-Man would have in his room. Like a computer and lots of factual books, but this helps create Spider-Mans alter-ego Peter.

At first, Peter is a geeky, low status character that nobody has feelings for, except his aunt and uncle, and as we can infer, so does Mary-Jane. Through his facial expressions and his body language, he shows that he realises that he is not respected, for example he keeps out of the way and almost creeps along and tries to avoid any contact with most people. His friend, Harry Osborn, is an influential character as it is because of his actions that Peter falls in love with Mary-Jane. And, although the viewer does get the feeling that Harry holds Peter back from a social life, when he flirts with Mary-Jane for himself, we know that he is trying to help as well. He is one of Peter’s closest acquaintances, as he, like Peter, is only just trying to fit in, as he is different because he has a very rich father (Norman Osborn) who is known as the head of Oscorp industries.

Peter Parkers actions and speech around his friends and family is that of a very unconfident and passive person. He isn’t a very powerful speaker until he realises he is Spider-Man, when he gains more confidence and starts to believe in himself, which is shown by his happiness and being more vocal than he was before and walking with a more powerful stance, which is when his uncle dies, and it seems he will fall again and try to rebuild himself. Instead he goes the other way and starts to use his powers as a crime-fighter becoming a hero, this is shown to the audience by the different newspaper snippets and clips of interviews that make the viewer see what others think of Spider-Man.

The director of Spider-Man has used many different camera angles in the film. The most used is probably the point of view shot. Sam used this specific camera shot to give the viewer the feeling that they are part of the film and that we are Spider-Man. This also lets the viewer feel his emotions at the time. When Peter is taking pictures for the...
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