Spider Man 3 Archetypes

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In Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3, the hero archetype is demonstrated through the antagonist Peter Parker. The need of a hero shows that people in today's society are in need of saving and are not capable of protecting themselves. This in itself is something that people should be considered about. It clearly reflects that people are becoming dependent on others to save them and are not able to be independent. Not only is it an extremely selfish act of the people, but all the responsibilities are then dropped onto one person's shoulders. One person can only withstand so much responsibility before they cannot take anymore. This responsibility forces Peter to make unfair sacrifices in his life. The hero archetype also shows the generic dasmil in distress which is rather degrading for women. This archetype shows how irresponsible today's society is and how things desperately need to change.

Throughout Spiderman 3, everytime something bad seemed to happen everyone seem to just wait around for Spiderman to come along and save the day. This shows the laziness and lack of effort that people are putting out in an attempt to take care of themselves. This is dangerous because if the hero were to disappear, then society will collapse. This is not only shown through the general population, but also Mary Jane. When Peter and her are not together, she is kidnapped by the villains and almost loses her life. Not only does she sit around doing nothing until Spiderman shows up, but she doesn't even attempt to escape while her kidnappers are distracted. This demonstrates that she is completely reliant upon the hero and is not even capable of even attempting to take care of herself.

The responsibility of caring for society ineveitably falls upon Peter; thus, forcing him to make sacrifices in his life. The responsibilities of being the city's hero forces him to strive to be perfect constantly. This forces Peter's superego to work extra hard and evidently, this forces his id to become...
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