Spider Man

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  • Published : November 14, 2008
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When one is given power it is important to be wise about the choices made while using these powers. Power should be used for the good of human kind but unfortunately is not always. Selfish desires drive people to abuse their power. Pete Parker, after being bitten by a spider, consumed powers that could destroy or save the people he loved. The film begins showing Pete as an ordinary guy, searching for his place in the world. People made fun of him, and the girl he would love to date is way out of his league and already in a relationship. He seems to be searching for something that will put him on the top. The spider bite in a way, is his savior. Right after Pete establishes his new powers he does not realize that “with great power comes great responsibility”. He competes in a wrestling match to win money for a nice car, all in an effort to attract Mary Jane, the girl he has his heart set on. The man giving out the prize money refuses to give Pete the amount advertised. The man was robbed, and when Pete could have stopped the robber, he didn’t. Later while walking down the street he sees his uncle Ben, dead. Uncle Ben had been waiting to pick Pete up, and the robber shot him and took his car. This leaves Pete stricken with guilt. This tragic turn in the film drives Pete to use his powers for the good of other people. These incidents relate strongly with everyday life. We as humans always want what we want. It is sometimes difficult to see that what we want, is not what we need nor what is good for us. When we are knocked out of balance by some form of bad mishap, we refocus our attention. Pain, evil and guilt become a driving force in Petes efforts to do good. He begins to go out into the city and help people. Whether it is by saving people from a burning building , robbers/rapists, or the green gobblin, he becomes a hero. Although he is spider man and can do these miraculous acts of goodness, he is still...
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