Sperm & Egg Donation

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Sperm and Egg Donation
Many children will never know anything about their biological background, because their mother had a sperm or egg donation. Is that fair to children because their mother made that choice? Everybody deserves to know where they came from, and what risks they could suffer in life. For example heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, degenerative diseases, these are just some of the common diseases that could be genetic. Some offspring’s may just want to know their culture and history of where they come from. A child shouldn’t have to live life wondering about these things. They should be able to have their questions answered, that’s why records should be kept for a child to access when he or she becomes an adult, so that he or she will be able to have some information about his or her background. When growing up children have many questions about their background. They want to know where their ancestors are from, where they get their traits, and many other things. Children have the right to have their questions answered, even if their mother had a sperm donation. It’s not fair for a child to live life wondering who his or her biological father is or in some cases that his or her mother is. They deserve to know their biological background, but many of children never get that chance because donors are protected by privacy laws. (“Anonymous Egg and Sperm Donation”) Records of the biological parent should be recorded and kept until the child is of age. When the child is of age, he or she should be given the choice to look and read the records or if they want to continue life the way it is. By being able to give them the option, children from sperm or egg donation would be able to live a happy life knowing everything they want to know about their background. Some children from donor insemination just want to know the risks that they could suffer in life because of genetics. They want to know about the medical background and with the donors being privacy protected it makes it difficult for children of donors to find out this information. Without knowing about the biological parent it’s like half of the offspring’s health history is unknown. That leaves children of donor insemination wondering if they are at high risk of genetic diseases that can be passed down through genetics. Douglas Quan writes an article about a woman from Ontario and how she faces trouble with the courts trying to figure out who her biological father might be. Olivia Pratten from Ontario is one of the thousands of Canadians who are the offspring’s of anonymous sperm and egg donors and she just wants to know the person that gave her life. She argues in court that not being able to receive records about her biological parent is like living with half her biological origins unknown and left a mystery. (Quan) It’s not fair that children conceived by donor insemination have no rights and are not respected, because of his or her mother’s choices. When a woman looks to conceive a child through donor insemination they don’t think about how it will affect the child in the future they just want to be able to raise a child. That’s why records should be kept so that the child has a choice when of age. Shelley Kreutz always felt different from other kids. She felt like she was adopted. She was the opposite of her mother and grandmother and built differently. Shelley was aware that she had to have a father somewhere. When Shelley was 10 she found out that she was conceived through sperm donation. She was then relieved and felt normal because everything finally made sense to her. Shelley was happy and excited to know until she found out that none of her questions could ever be answered because her mother didn’t know anything about the donor. Shelley’s mother like very many other mothers wanting to conceive through sperm donation signed a contract with the doctor granting the donor be kept anonymous. When Shelley was 13 years old she met with the...
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