Sperm and Egg

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The Sperm and the Egg
August 26, 2011

The Sperm and the Egg

The main function of the sperm cell is to locate an egg, and fertilize it forming a zygote. Sperm cells are believed to have a sense of smell in which they use to locate the egg which is one of the clue factors sperm cells use, sperm cells do not just swim around randomly before locating an egg to fertilize. In the females reproductive tract it becomes warmer as the Fallopian tubes are neared. That is also another clue factor that sperm cells use when attempting to locate and fertilize a females egg. In order for full fertilization to occur the cell must penetrate different layers that surround the egg. There are three or more separate layers the sperm cell must get past in order for fertilization to occur. The first is the outer layer that make up what is known as the “corona radiate” these cells develop with the egg to help support growth and provide the physical barrio of fertilization. The next two layers are the two major layers, the sperm has to bypass the “zona pellucida” but in order for the sperm to get past these two major layers it has to release its powerful enzymes locating in the head of the sperm. Once the sperm gets closer to the ovum, it (the sperm) begins to swim more rapidly and forcefully. Capacitation and hyperactivity also occur at this time hyperactivity causes a sudden increase in calcium ions in the tail part of the sperm cell. The increase in calcium increases the activity in the flagellum, causing the sperm cell to forcefully enter the environment of the female uterus. Once the sperm reaches the egg they fuse together with different sections of the membrane. Changes in the egg follow and prevent the egg being fertilized by more than one sperm cell. The Male and Female Internal and External Sex Organs

In the female there are five different internal sex organs, the Vagina which is part of the birth canal, the Fallopian tubes where the fertilization of the egg...
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