Spending Habits

Topics: Baby boomer, Great Depression, Credit history Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: February 26, 2012
Mr. Robert Jakubovic
English Composition 1001-40
13 February 2012
The Compulsive shopper and The Thrifty Shopper
Have you ever met someone that was born during the Great Depression, or someone born during the Baby Boomer years? They are bound to have different spending habits. I’m a product of the Baby Boomer Generation. A time when things were plentiful; my mother was born during the Great Depression Generation when things were not so plentiful. I love to shop and spend money; my method of spending is with credit cards. My mother on the other hand, prefers not to spend her hard earned money, nevertheless when she has to, she chooses to use cash. I received my first credit card right out of high school. My first purchase was a pair of black leather boots. After that first purchase I was hooked, I would buy things: clothes; jewelry; shoes; and electronics. Simply because I have the credit to buy the things I want right away and pay for them later. It got to the point where I would buy things that I didn’t necessarily need. My closet is full of clothes and shoes that still have the tags on them. I continuously clean out my closets only to fill them up again with newer purchases. In spite of that when someone calls and says let’s go shopping; my reply is certain to be when and where. I am an impulse shopper if I see something and it catches my eye I buy it; one pair of shoes can easily become four pair of shoes. I justify my sale purchases by stating to no one in particular it’s on sale look how much cash I saved. I buy things when I am happy or sad it doesn’t matter. As long as I buy something when I am shopping: a pair of earrings, or a large purchase like a computer I am satisfied. Being a Baby Boomer has allowed me the opportunity to be frivolous and spend, spend, spend. I Grew up in a household were there was plenty of everything. I never had to go without any of the necessities. I never knew what it was like to simply get two...
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