Spending Habits

Topics: Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam Pages: 4 (528 words) Published: April 7, 2013
We are students from Faculty of Chemical Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam and are conducting a study on spending habits among university‘s students for our BEL422 report writing course. We hope that you can spend some of your time to answer this simple questionnaire. Thank you.

Section A: Profile of the respondent

1. Age:____________
2. Gender: Male / Female
3. University:____________
4. Faculty.:____________

Please circle your answer.

Section B: Student spend for daily transportation
1. What type of public transportations do you prefer to take? a) Taxi
b) Bus
c) Train
d) Others (Please specify:____________)

2. How much do you spend on public transportation fares daily? a) RM 0 – RM 5
b) RM 6 – RM 10
c) RM 11 – RM 15
d) RM 16 – RM 20
e) Others. (Please specify:____________)

3. Do you own a vehicle?

4. How much do you spend on your vehicle including gas and maintenances monthly? a) RM 10 – RM50
b) RM60 – RM100
c) RM 110 – RM150
d) RM 160 – RM200
e) Others. (Please specify:____________)

5. Do you prefer to have your own vehicle?
Section C: How much do you spend on food?
1. Do you spend your money to nutritious foods?

2. In a week, how much do you spend on foods?
a) RM 30 – RM 50 per week
b) RM 51 – RM 70 per week
c) RM 71 – RM 100 per week
d) Others. (Please specify:_______________)

3. Do you spend your money on fast food restaurant?

4. If yes, how much you spend on it?
a) RM5 – RM 10
b) RM11 – RM 50
c) RM 51 – RM 100
d) Others. (Please specify:_______________)

Section D: What are the unnecessary things or activities do students love to spend?

1. How many times do you go out?
a) Once a week
b) Twice a week
c) Thrice a week
d) Others (Please specify:________________)

2. How many digital...
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