Spelling Bee

Topics: Spelling, Spelling bee, Orthography Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: October 11, 2011
I will tell you a story that is only half true. My story is about Jada the nicest girl I’ve ever met. She has brown eyes and blond hair. She has the prettiest skin I’ve ever seen.

My friend Jada was trying out for the Spelling Bee, she loved spelling words. Jada was scared of everyone staring at her. The arbitrator called out the word was crescent. Jada spelled, “c-r-e-s-c-e-n-t,” the official said “correct”. Guess what? Jada won the Spelling Bee.

She was off to the Nationals in Washington, D.C. Jada and her Mom packed her luggage for the trip, they were both so excited to be going to the Spelling Bee. Her mom was very proud of her.

Jada studied day and night. She even wrote every word in the dictionary down. She loved memorizing the words in the dictionary.

On the airplane ride to Washington, D.C. she got a little scared thinking about all the hard words she could get at the Spelling Bee.

At the National event, the first ten words were very easy for her. Then she got a word challenge ambulance. Then she spelled, “a-m- b-u-l-a-n-c-e”, and won the Spelling Bee. Jada was so excited that she had won. She was looking for her Mom in the crowd, and when she found her she started to laugh. She laughed because her Mom doing the happy-dance. Her family and friends were so proud of all her hard work.

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