Spelling Bee

Topics: Spelling bee, Spelling, Girl Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Ryan Kinjo
Professor Whalen
English 67 MTWTH 10:30-1:10
15 February 2012
Spelling Beecause I Want To
Millions of children take spelling tests, but only hundreds of children are able to make it to the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. In the documentary Spellbound, directed by Jeffrey Blitz, eight children are filmed throughout their journey to the National Spelling Bee. While the National Spelling Bee may not be considered a sport, the final rounds are on the television program, ESPN. It is normally on the week after Memorial Day weekend, and is open to students who have not yet completed the eighth grade, reached their fifteenth birthday, or students who have not won a National Spelling Bee. One of the contestants of the Bee is Angela Arenivar, a young girl from a small rural town in Texas. And the second is Nupur Lala, a girl who lives in the urban city of Tampa, FL. Although Spellbound follows two girls who share the same passion in studying and have parents who are immigrants, the financial side of the American Dream only benefits one of the two girls.

Angela and Nupur are both young students who seek to compete in the National Spelling Bee and share the same bliss in studying. Angela, a young lady from Perryton, Texas who is very independent in the way she studies. She has her own unique methods by having one of her friends, Chelsea sign her notecards so that Angela can “kind of think that she’s cheering me on.” Angela reveals in the documentary that she came up with these study habits herself. Like Angela, Nupur is a hard worker and enjoys studying. Her teacher, Ms. Whitehurst states that when she sees an Indian child in her class she “knows that they’re going to have a great work ethic.” Nupur’s great work ethic and her ability to keep studying unlike most kids in America, gives her the tools she needs so she can achieve her American Dream. In addition to their passionate study techniques, both girls’ parents are immigrants who moved to...
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