Spellbound Movie Review

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  • Published : June 4, 2007
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Movie Review – Spellbound
The national spelling bee is a big thing and takes a lot of motivation to get to the final level. We watched eight students on their journey through the national spelling bee and I am going to talk about three of them and what their motivation was to get them that far. I have chosen to talk about Neil Kadakia, Emily Staag, and Nupur Lala. Now all of these contestants were in the top ten and Nupur Lala was the winner, and I feel that they all had great motivation to do so great.

Neil Kadakia is a very motivated young man who has an older sister that went to the national spelling bee before he did. This is one way that motivates him because he wants to do better than her. His motivation is a lot of external motivation because of the pressure his father puts on success and tells him that he can not fail. Neil also has some internal motivation because he knows that this is a once in a lifetime experience especially since his family is not from America. He also has his grandfather who lives across sea that is having over 1000 people pray for him while he is at the spelling bee. This alone can make someone want to succeed even more so that they don't let down all that have helped him get this far. He was a little different from the others in that he had a lot of friends and was very active in sports and social activities, but he also took his studying very serious. His entire family helps him practice so that he can try to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the spelling bee. With his sister being a previous contestant she gives him pointers and helps him with strategy and things like that. His mother and father help an extreme amount, his father often spends hours with him studying dictionary after dictionary. When Neil got knocked out of the competition in 9th place, he was very happy for making it as far as he did. His father didn't seem to be upset either, everyone in his family was just happy that he made it as far as he did. He took...
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