Speedo Lzr Racer

Topics: LZR Racer, Speedo, High-technology swimwear fabric Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Nakita Tress
Speech 1301 Tues. Thurs.
November 30, 2009

The SPEEDO LZR RACER is made from a unique lightweight, water repellent, and fast-drying fabric that has been developed to reduce drag and help hold the swimmer’s body in a more streamlined shape. Following three years of research that included input from NASA, tests on more than 100 different fabrics and suit designs and body scans of more than 400 elite swimmers, Speedo has launched its most hydro-dynamically advanced - and fastest - swimsuit to date. The specially engineered, highly flexible fabric called LZR PULSE is ultrasonically welded to appear seamless. It takes about 20 minutes to put the LZR Racer swimsuit on. The material is made to be skin tight on your body making it feel like nothing is pulling you back when swimming. When putting on the suit you have to make sure not to use your fingertips or fingernails also to grip the panels not the fabric. Start of by getting the suit out of the box and starting at the feet. At the bottom of the edges where the feet go flip the inside liner out that is what makes sure that the suit doesn’t ride up when kicking at a fast paced speed. Put a plastic bag over your foot and gradually pull the suit over your foot do the same to the other foot. Inch by inch grip the panels and gradually pull up your body. Once you have it over your knees it will be a lot harder to get over the back side do not grab the sides make sure you scrunch it up on both sides and gently but sternly grip the sides make sure your thumb is not pointed in and slowly move up. As you get over the backside, smooth the bottom making sure the panels are facing forward, and where the V starts it should be right at your hipbone. Next, carefully place your arms through the arm folds. Adjust everything from hip up making sure the front part where the stomach is that they are lined up forward. You will now need to people to help you zipper it up. Grasp the sides of the suit and pull them towards...
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