Speeding: Automotive Safety Technologies and Electronic Stability Control

Topics: Automotive safety technologies, Automobile, Automobile safety Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: December 5, 2012
It has strongly been argued for many years about the speed limits on our roads. This topic is currently being debated all around the world. After the recent reductions in road speed limits, many are left wondering whether these reductions are the correct course of action. There is great evidence for both sides of the argument, and this is a possible reason for the increased coverage of the debate. Recent advances in automobile safety have sparked the argument over the current speed limits. However, twenty five percent of worldwide injury related deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Many different types of driver assistance systems have been placed into cars to prevent deaths and injuries on our roads. Some of the current driver assistance systems include: emergency brake assist, traction control and electronic stability control. Emergency brake assist is commonly used in most new vehicles, and allows maximum braking power to be used in an emergency situation. The emergency brake assist system interprets the speed and power at which the foot is pressed onto the brake pedal. It can then fully apply the brake if it believes that an emergency stop is trying to be performed. This system can greatly reduce the braking distance of a vehicle when a sudden stop is required. While having this system in place, it may be possible for drivers to exceed the speed limit while still being able to execute an emergency stop correctly. The traction control system is another driver assist system that is used in almost all cars on the roads. This system is designed to control the vehicle when the throttle is applied to a certain extent and the road cannot handle the torque being applied. When this happens, one or more of the vehicles cylinder spark plugs are deactivated. This then means that there is less fiction between the tires and the road. By using this system, there is a less likely chance of losing control while accelerating in a corner. By having this system in...
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