Speeding: Autobahn and Pretty Good Driver

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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Waking up late in the morning, hustling out of bed and rushing to get ready is never fun because all the time you're getting ready you're concerned about being late for school or work or whatever place you have to be at. While you're rushing to get ready you rush to get to your destination which means you speed down the street in your car. You don't think much of it. You've sped before and everything was fine. Hey, you even think you're a pretty good driver. But all it takes is one over correction or one sharp turn or one dog or small child in the middle of the road for a life to be lost.

Speeding is a factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes, killing an average of 1,000 Americans every month, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which estimates the cost to society of speed-related crashes to be more than $40 billion each year. Speeding is a problem not only on freeways, but also on local streets. Many commuters opt to take surface streets, thinking they can more efficiently escape traffic and avoid congestion. A 2002 NHTSA study revealed that 87 percent of speeding-related fatalities occurred on roads that were not interstate highways. According to Ciezadlo, driving 45 miles per hour instead of 35 on a five-mile trip saves less than two minutes.

Traveling over the speed limit can be especially dangerous in bad weather conditions. Speeding was a factor in 53 percent of fatal crashes that occurred when there was snow or slush on the road and in 60 percent of those that happened in icy roads. Even rain can be dangerous. Going down the interstate at 80 mph while it's pouring down rain so hard you can barely see in front of you is definitely not a good idea. Speed reduces the amount of available time needed to avoid a crash, increases the likelihood of crashing and increases the severity of a crash once it occurs. The public needs to be made more aware of the dangers of speeding. If we are to combat this dangerous,...
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