Speed of a Computer

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  • Published : February 28, 2009
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Speed of a Computer
Patrick Reagan
Computers and Information Processing/CIS319
David Avery Jr.
December 14, 2008

Speed of a Computer
Computers have evolved dramatically over the last 70 years. The size may be one of the main changes. The first computers were the size of a classroom. Today a computer can fit in an adult hand. Another change is the speed in which the computer operates or processes information. The computer user in today’s market wants information as soon as possible. The demand for increased speed is determined by several factors. A few of these factors are Random Access Memory (RAM), clock speed, data on the hard disc, data on a CD ROM, and data on a floppy disc. The role of these factors can determine the speed of a computer. Random Access Memory, otherwise referred to as RAM, is a working area where the operating system (e.g. Windows), programs and data in current use are kept, ready to be accessed by the processor (Davies 2004). Another way to explain this is to relate the RAM to building a house. Several aspects of the house may be constructed and kept away from the house foundation i.e. walls, rafters and cabinets. The items in the outside working area are in standby and ready to be accessed by the construction manager. The larger the RAM or work area to do preliminary processes contributes to the speed of building the house or the speed of the computer processor. An adequate amount of RAM is 256MB.The demand for a faster computer would require 512MB of RAM. This provides a larger work area for preliminary work processes and contributes to the speed of the computer. The clock speed is how fast the processors operate. The speed is measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz). The clock speed determines how many instructions per second the microprocessor can execute. The speed of the computer is a user preference. A 700 MHz system may be suitable for an individual with basic computer needs....
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