Speed of Sound

Topics: Speed of sound, Arithmetic mean, Speed Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: January 30, 2013
In this lab we want to see how long it takes sound to travel down and back in a tube, determine the speed of that sound, and compare the average of that value to the speed of sound in air. The temperature in the room is 21.8 degrees C, which means that the speed of sound should be 344.5. The value that we obtained for the closed tube was averaged at .00609, which accounts for a speed of 328.4 m/s which is pretty close to the accepted value (5% change). The open ended tube averaged to be 289.85 m/s which is ~15% off from the anticipated value. We can see that the closed tube had faster travel time than the open tube. Ultimately we were able to record how long the sound took to travel in the tube, determine the speed of sound, and compare it to the expected value.

The objective of this experiment is to measure how long it takes sound to travel down and back in a long tube, determine the speed of sound, and compare the speed of sound in air to the value that’s accepted.

First, start by connecting the Vernier Microphone to channel 1 of the interface. Then, use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the classroom and record this value. Now, open file “33 Speed of Sound” and there will be a graph of sound level vs. time. Close one end of the tube and record the length of the tube. Set the microphone as close to the end of the long tube as you can, and have it positioned so that it can detect the initial sound and the echo coming back down from the tube. Then, click on Collect to begin the data collection, and click the dog training device towards the opening of the tube. Click the examine button and determine the time interval between the start of the first vibration and the start of the echo vibration and record this value. Repeat this for 5 trials and determine the average time interval. Then, repeat the experiment for 5 more trials, except don’t close one end of the tube. Results:

length of...
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