Speed Limits

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How road safety has changed over the years
Why Speed Limits Have Changed
During the last 100 years speed limits have changed in the UK, now in residential areas speed limits are generally 20mph to 30mph and on main roads the speed limit is 40mph. On the motorways the speed limit is raised to 70 mph. The first speed limit was 1865; this speed limit was 2mph in built up areas such as cities, towns and villages. This was then raised to 20mph and large fines were put in place for speeding and reckless driving. This to encourage safer driving, however as cars were developing and more people were driving  the speed limit had to change to 30pmh this rule was introduced in 1934 in built up areas. The speed limits were changed and introduced as more and more people were starting to drive motorcars and after the industrial revolution people needed to travel further.  

Speed Limits in Europe
Speed limits differ all over Europe here is a table that shows some of the different limits in km/h: From this table we see that Germany has the highest speed limit, as on certain motorways there are no speed limits. In most areas in Europe in built up areas the limit is mainly 50/60 km/h

Speed Cameras 
Who invented the first speed camera?
A rally driver in part of a Dutch company called Gatsometer BV invented the first speed camera in the 1950’s. The man was called Maurice Gatsonides; the camera was called Gasto cameras after him.  This information was found from a website called:http://www.dashdriving.com/tutorials/fixed-speed-cameras.htm  

How the Gatso camera works:
All cameras are built of the knowledge speed = distance x time The gatso camera also works on the calculation Speed = Gap * Marks* 0.6818 / Interval. Gatso cameras work by measuring motorist’s speed by and if they are exceeding the speed limit, they are photographed (from behind) photographing...
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