Speech Writing

Topics: Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Unit 2 Exercise

The speech I chose was on September 9, 1997 from Queen Elizabeth II after Princess Diana’s death . The speech was more of an informal speech of her willingness to open herself up to the people of England during this great tragedy. The speech was effective in giving the queen a chance to show her compassion during the mourning of Princess Diana and this softened her image to the British people. The speech was something the public would not have been familiar with. The British thought Queen Elizabeth had an estranged relationship with the princess. I didn’t see any research in this speech. I do believe it was pressure that drove the queen to a public speech.

In this case a speech was much more effective in getting the point across. If this had been in a writing format, it would have been worse for the queen’s public image. The tools the speaker had was invoking compassion in her speech. It’s more credible when you see imagery and speech. In our written work, you would have to use a lot of passion to captivate the reader.

Listening differs from reading because if you don’t catch a speech the first, you can’t go back and listen to it again. In reading you can always go back and try to read over to understand and comprehend. In reading your absorbed in the words and multitasking is difficult. You can pace yourself, and back track if you want to re-read something in case you missed it the first time. Listening requires more processing than reading does.

I used active listening when I was watching the video. I had to “close down my inner conversation”, as discussed in the key concepts section. I had to tune out everything around me and focus on what was being said.
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