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Changing People Habits for the Better
How many of you have engaged with people behaving the wrong way? How many of you find it a challenge to be with them in your place? Most of us are. Today, this is the best way to push and change people to make things for our better community especially when it’s fun and pro-environment. There are ways on how you can change people habits by making it fun, surprise and for all ages in your society. It takes a lot of work and money but the result can be the best way to help your town. The Fun Theory, according to the article I had read, by DDB Stockholm, it was used by the Volkswagen Sweden for the campaign and competition within their opponent companies. They presented a clever design that influenced people’s behaviour because it was the best way to get people change positive in life by doing it fun. Moving on, there are three ways on how people can change habits for the better; the first one is making the activity fun, make the new habit fun to jump this process, it will be needed to do such things a lot more fun for you to begin the pleasure. The second one is making it a surprise, we know each and every one of us are like surprises as long as it is fun and pleasant, if you do surprise someone therefore you’ll get their attention and made them think what might be the next. Research shows that surprises capture the human interest and attention from a certain activity. Lastly, using the crowd, they say that people are influenced by the behavior of others, and I have no doubt about it, when they see a lots of people doing something in common, for sure more of them will intend to join with them. The three best example of the fun theory are; Bottle Bank Arcade Machine, the World's Deepest Bin and Piano Staircase. The Musical stairs that presented in the video had the three elements, look alike piano, make piano sounds that is fun and also a surprise for the commuters. As the result of the activity, everyone was using the...

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