Speech to Future Global Leaders

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My speech to future global leaders

Today's global economy has created a more complex and dynamic environment in which most firms must learn to compete effectively to achieve sustainable growth. With the inception internet-based business, cross-border trade agreements, the ease of international travel, and the like, domestic firms with solely domestic operations serving exclusively domestic client bases are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Firms, both large and small, have increased their number of their foreign suppliers, partners, employees, shareholders and customers. The path to globalization had once been through predictable stages today however many companies are born global (Evans, Pucik, & Barsoux. 2002). This global environment has not only changed the competitive landscape of business, it has also changed the way in which leaders must conduct business and the competencies leaders need to be successful. Global leaders, defined as executives who are in jobs with some international scope (Spreitzer, McCall, & Mahoney, 1997), must effectively manage through the complex, changing, and often ambiguous global environment (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 1992; Caligiuri & DiSanto, 2001; McCall, 1998). Global leaders expand business into foreign markets, conceive strategies on a global basis, manage and motivate geographically dispersed and diverse learns and the like (Bafilett & Ghoshal, 1992; McCall, Lombardo, & Morrison, 1988). Given the strategic importance of their tasks, successful global leaders are a competitive advantage for multinational firms. Stroh and Caligiuri (1998) found that developing leadership cross-cultural competence was among the top 5 organization-wide practices affecting the effectiveness of multinational corporations. The results of their study suggest a positive relationship between firms' bottom line financial success and their ability to successfully develop global leadership competencies. To remain competitive companies must continually develop their leaders to be successful in global tasks and activities (Adler & Bartholomew, 1992; Stroh & Caligiuri, 1998). Given the importance effective global leadership, research examining ways to develop global leaders has received much attention from academics and practitioners alike. Much of the research focus on global leaders has been in the areas of international assignment or expatriates assignment management. Given the cross-national context of expatriate assignments, there is some overlap with global leadership activities. Expatriates, however, are not the only people within muItinationa1 organizations who must effectively perform global leadership activities, as there are many global leadership activities which require international business savvy without living internationally. Sometimes located domestically, global leadership activities require international business knowledge, cross-national skills, and the like. This speech attempts to expand the definition of global leadership beyond what we know about expatriate assignment management. Using this broader definition of global leaders, this article discusses the methods for developing global leaders who are able to successfully complete global leadership activities.

The tasks of global leader
As a part of a working group on global leadership, global leadership activities were identified through a series of focus group meetings and surveys of leaders from European and North American firms. The following ten tasks or activities were found to be common among and unique to those in global leadership positions (Caligiuri, 2004). 1. Global leaders work with colleagues from other countries. 2. Global leaders interact with external clients h m other countries. 3. Global leaders interact with internal clients from other countries. 4. Global leaders...
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