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Topics: Lincoln Town Car, Renting, Apartment Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: April 21, 2012
I’d like to share with you one of the most interesting telephone calls that I’ve ever received.

The phone rang, and I said hello.
“Hi, are you sitting down?”
I told that her that I was just leaving to have lunch with my husband. “Well, first let me say that everyone is alright”

- Here’s a little 411 for those of you who haven’t had this experience, anytime someone calls you and begins the conversation with “Are you sitting down?” soon to be followed by “Well, first let me say that everyone is alright”, just realize that what is to follow just can’t be good news. These phrases in literature are known as “foreshadowing”.

It was obvious that she was on her cell phone too, and was somewhat struggling. She said wait a minute while I turn on the air conditioning, I’m driving a rental car.

- In this moment I asked myself, why would my mom be driving a rental car, she had just bought a brand new, beautiful Lincoln Town Car not 2 months ago. Finally, after several moments of her talking to herself about how everything is hard to find in this rental car, she came back to our conversation.

I asked her where her new car was.
“It’s in the shop finally; it took them 2 days before they could move it” 2 days to move it from where? “Well, it was in a building” she replied.

- Of all the millions of things I thought she might say about her car troubles, that “it was in a building” was not on the list.

“Well” she went on “I had Holly (my 15 year old niece) and her friend, they were sitting in the back together talking and giggling a lot. I was trying to deliver some groceries to (my 19 year old nephew) Travis who was standing just to the side of the car, waiting for me to get out and open the trunk for him”.

“I pulled up under a carport and I guess I forgot to put it in park. When I got out, I realized that the car was still moving and Holly and her friend were still inside, in the back seat. I jumped back in and tried to put my foot on the...
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