[Speech] Student's Attitude Towards Local Environment

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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Good morning to Mr. Principal, members of student body and fellow friends. Thank you for Mr. Principal for giving me a chance to present our research on our school student’s attitudes to the local environment. In general, environment can be defined as surrounding of an object. The reason why we conducted the research is to understand and appreciate the inter-relationship among man, his culture and bio-physical surrounding. Other than that, we like to highlights on the environmental problems that commonly occur among students in this school. Therefore, we come up with three categories of environment, where it includes the natural environment, built environment which involving the act of vandalism and social environment along with some suggestion on how we can improve these situations. As we talking about natural environment nowadays, we have to reflect ourselves on what we have done before this to the natural environment itself. Being such an irresponsible person or students who like to throw the rubbish everywhere, practice open burning and step on the grass that has been prohibited, it makes the environment become worst day by day. As we reflect back, this is all because our attitude itself. If we can change our attitude, I absolutely believe that we can also make a difference. Furthermore, what we have to bear in our mind is that, being a student is not just learning things in the class, but we also have to learn on how to manage our nature or our respective land or in other words our environment itself because we live in this world as a community and we are not alone. Thus, we should consider certain things to make sure that all the people can live in peace without being disturb by the others or by our attitude that can gives an impact to the society itself.

In order to preserve and conserve the environment, we as a student should practice an environmental - friendly lifestyle. In this situation, if we practice this, we can avoid ourselves from doing things...
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