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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Amanda Nazarian
Public Speaking – Fall 2011
Steve Jobs
Stanford Commencement 2005
Macworld 2007 – IPhone Speech

In Steve Jobs’ Stanford University Commencement speech in 2005, he started off his speech with an attention getter, telling the student audience that he never graduated from college, and this was the closest thing to a graduation he had ever experienced. This was obviously effective by the applause and laughter in the crowd. Steve Jobs told three inspirational stories to the graduating audience which added to the overall farewell message to the graduates. He cited credible sources when necessary, and made frequent eye contact with the audience. On the other hand, he did spend a large amount of time reading from his notes. It seemed a few times, that he forgot where he was in his speech and he back tracked a sentence, repeating himself. I don’t think that Steve Jobs spent much time rehearsing the speech he wrote for this commencement ceremony. Steve Jobs used a very appropriate rate of delivery when speaking, and was heard loud and clear. He varied his voice minimally, but did not use any vocal fillers such as, “um,” or “uh.” His appearance definitely reflected the attitude of the speech, as he was dressed in a cap and gown identical to the ones the graduates wore. He seemed fairly confident and was neat in appearance, besides his face not being cleanly shaved. Steve Jobs stood up straight while delivering his speech, but obviously shifted his weight from leg to leg occasionally. I think that by the end of his speech, he had connected with the audience well, and the audience had a better understanding of who Steve Jobs was. He finished his speech by explaining how he came across a lifelong inspirational quote for him. The quote was, “stay hungry stay foolish,” and he told the audience that as they embark on their new lives and journeys, to “stay hungry stay foolish,” but he did not explain what...
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