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Since Primary School, I had always found it hard to reject playing ball games in class, although i hate it. Being a relatively active person, I can often be seen prancing around in school, or racing against my friends in brisk-walking and running. But somehow when it comes to PE Lessons, while all other classmates enjoy playing ball games such as Captain's Ball together, I am reluctant to as I can't play well. What I probably do not have as compared to my peers, is the enthusiasm when it came to playing sports actively, and the essential quick reaction which I had always failed to achieve. I often have an unexplainable foresight that every time I play ball games, I would get hit by the ball or miss the catch by inches, leaving the ball rolling away from me. I dare not say that I have a phobia of ball games. I'm sure I don't. Can you imagine being in a ball game, trying to play hard, but missing the ball every time you try to catch it, and being criticized by the teacher for not trying hard enough? This has happened to me many times before. Twice in a recent Captain's Ball game, I tried to reach out my arms to receive the ball, in return got hit in the face, though lucky for me, the impact wasn't great, but I got reprimanded by the PE teacher. The school curriculum in Singapore makes it compulsory for every school to have a few hours of Physical Education as part of our weekly timetable. There is definitely no way out of playing ball games, since these are among the more popular sports played during PE Lessons. However so, ball games are not the only type of sports in the world. There are many other sports and games which can help keep us fit. Ball games may not be the ideal sports for me, but one day, I'm sure I'll be able to find a sport which I truly like.
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