Speech Rainbows and and L Gave Myself to Him

Topics: Indigenous peoples, Indigenous Australians, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Throughout life evolution is an unstoppable force. Evolution created through the traveling of time and interaction in the world creates the countless possibilities to enrich or challenge a community or group. This form of belonging is clearly evident in the play ‘rainbows end’ by Jane Harrison and how the aboriginal community have a sense of belonging in their small community and a large sense of not belonging with the white society, this sense of inclusions is also evident in the poem ‘l gave myself to him’ by Emily Dickinson, which explores a women’s wanting of acceptance from her husband and her constant feeling of an object rather than a human.

Throughout people’s lives not belonging causes people to change and alter one perception. This is seen in rainbows end when the white community hide the indigenous houses with hessian in order to elude the queen from what’s truly there; this is evident through the symbolism in the play where there is distinct separation between the indigenous community and the white community. This act by the white society helps shapes the indigenous community’s sense of belonging, through the separation between communities resulting in a build-up of emotions towards the white people this is seen on page 162 when Dolly yells at her mother about how she is shamed by the white society ‘it’s me that gets stones thrown at her when l walk down the street’.

There is a strong sense of disappointment and inadequacy in the poem, the persona fears of the disillusionment and discontent through the loss of passion due to the mundane routine, reality and familiarity. The persona appears fatalistically reigned and stoically accepting of a dependent servile position. This is seen through the religious overtones that are limited to two nuanced words, ‘solemn and vision’. These words are challenged by language that is not only worthy but also demotive while suggestive of different readings. By the inclusion of these expressions through words...
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