Speech Plan

Topics: ITunes, Digital audio, Podcasting Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Speech Plan
(Demonstration Speech)

Title: How to create a Podcast
Specific Speech Purpose: To demonstrate to the audience how a podcast is created or made.


I. Attention step: Who among you dream of becoming a video or disc jockey someday? Or a talk show host? Well, I know you have experienced doing these things in your own simple ways, be it a school requirement or a barkada trip. But for today, I will teach you another way of doing or experiencing these things, and that is by creating your own podcast. Basically, a podcast is a collection of audio or video files distributed over the Internet and can be accessed or downloaded by anyone. What sets it apart from other forms of webcasting is its” on-demand availability as well as the option of subscription downloading”.

II. Clarification step:
A. History:
Obviously, the birthplace of podcasts is the Internet. But just as how apes became humans, podcasts underwent a series of evolutions before they became the podcast that we now know of. It all started with the emergence of weblogs, which are commonly known as blogs. Blogs allowed people to share their thoughts on everything under the sun. Access to these blogs is made convenient via RSS Feeds. Due to its popularity as well as the advancement of technology and the rapid spread of MP3 players, blogs evolved and gave birth to audioblogs. Now bloggers can just record their thoughts and post it to their blogs as an MP3 file. But people were getting lazier and downloading and syncing the audio files to their MP3 players seemed to be too much hassle. Fortunately, a man named Adam Curry had an “Aha! Experience”. And the rest is history. B. Importance/Benefits

1. Podcast makes entertainment more portable or convenient.
2. Podcast is a new way of learning and/or teaching.
3. Podcast allows for people to be an instant “journalist”, “radio DJ”, or “star” in their own ways.


I. Prepare your script.
II. Using the Audacity...
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