Speech Outline Dyslexia

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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            I.  Introduction: My purpose here is to inform you about dyslexia.                         A. Capture attention:   A parrot flies along, the parrot lands on a car, the car explodes, and the smoke and feathers rise in a figure 8." To many people, that may sound like a cartoon. To someone dyslexic, it can be used as a tool for recalling the word "polycarbonate." B.  State your thesis: Dyslexia affects one in every 10 people in America. With that number on the rise, there are strategies we can use to help a child or adult learn to read.               C.  Relate the topic to your audience: Do you know someone who is dyslexic? Maybe you have a child who struggles to learn to read. Did you know dyslexia is not only reading backwards?               D.  Relate the topic to you: I have a seven year old child that has had a tremendous struggle learning to read and we did not realize his problem until his second year of kindergarten.               E.  Preview main points:

                                    1. What is Dyslexia?                                     2. Who does it affect and Symptoms                                     3. Tools used for right brained learning F. Transition to the body of your speech:

            II.  What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is the brains inability to process symbols or words properly. A. 
                                    1.  Someone dyslexic does not only get things backwards.                                     2.  Words can move off the page or letters can mix up.                         3.   The word cat may rearrange to look like tac.                         B.

1. There is no cure for dyslexia
Transition sentence – These symptoms are common in adults and children. Some other symptoms include:             III. 
                        A. Go over some common symptoms                         B.  They can be labeled as lazy or careless...
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