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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Attention getter: Disney World has always been known as the happiest place on earth. I went there as a kid and haven’t forgotten my experience since. (Talk about how you got sick) Disney World has touched the hearts of kids for more than 50 years. * 2

* 2
Many people have heard of Disney World and some have even visited there. But do these people know the many secrets that lie hidden. 1
Whether that is the history of Disney World, some of the favorites rides enjoyed , and interesting facts. Informing about Body
History of Disney world
* 3
* 3
The creator of Disney…(Walt Disney)
Dream-make a theme park for all ages.
His plan to execute is dream: Walt Disney started off with building Disneyland. It took about a year to build and was opened on July 17th 1955. Disneyland was on the West coast in California Wanted to build another amusement park. Build on west for reasons being that he didn’t want Disney world to have to compete with Disneyland. Tested out the waters in the East by building four attractions for the World’s Fair in New York and people loved the idea just like those in the West did. FLIP SLIDE * 4

* 4
Construction: purchasing land in Orlando, Florida because he loved the idea of good weather, a large city nearby, and adequate freeways Buying all this land on the down low, but eventually a new reporter found out and the last few land purchases were more expensive than the earlier ones. Walt Disney planned to preserve the nature’s environment. He has not developed about 8,300 acres of land Walt Disney passed before construction even could begin. His brother took over and helped finish the project The first construction project was to build a theme park, two resort hotels and a campground. Walt Disney liked the idea of being a self-suffient city. So the park also built its own energy plants, food center and laundry to help with the needs of people at the park. . Walt Disney required 400 million dollars for this...
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