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Topics: Rhetoric, Writing, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Persuasive Speech Assignment

General Purpose:To persuade
Specific Purpose:To persuade audience members to change the thinking or behavior, to adopt your point of view and/or to persuade audience members that a policy should be started, changed, or stopped, and to urge their cooperation by asking for specific action, not passive agreement (page 417).

Length:7 -8:30 minutes (5-point penalty for every 30 seconds over or under the time limit)

Topics:Topic choices should reflect your passion for an issue. You must believe in it in order to convince others; avoid overused ideas and controversial ideas in which research may overwhelm the process.

• You are to use the Monroe Motivated Sequence (page 423) as your structural style. • You are urged to use audience involvement in the resolution of the issue by including the 'Immediate Action' provision (page 417) in your speech; the call to action is essential. • You must utilize an interview as ONE of your sources for this speech: an expert or experienced person on your topic or issue. Gain approval from instructor if your expert is a friend or related to you (pages 138-143). • You may decide to use emotional language to evoke the desired audience response. You should carefully consider the ethics of your persuasive goal, using logos, ethos, and pathos.

• A written preparation outline is required for this speech and should include all relevant content and sources. Follow the model in your text (pages 171-181), all main and sub points must be written in a complete-sentence format. Your bibliography listing the sources you consulted must be included in proper format. • A speaker's outline is recommended when delivering the speech. For an example see pages 182-189 in your text.

• At least three credible sources must be mentioned in the speech and referenced properly in the outline. One of those sources MUST be an interviewed source and no more than one...
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