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Topics: Cancer, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: June 17, 2012
January 28, 2012Section 11

Specific Purpose/Topic: Breast cancer in Men/Females

Opening with Impact: “Please stand if you know of any one that has or had breast cancer. Now, remain standing if that person survived it. According to the American Cancer Society it is projected that in 2011-2012, 450 men and 39,520 women will die from breast cancer.”

Speaker Credibility= Statistic Slide: Project Slide then I will state with audience members still standing, “1 in 8 women and 1 in 1,000 men will develop breast cancer over the course of his or her lifetime.”

Thesis Statement: “Today I want to inform you of the risks of Breast Cancer. By the end of my speech you will learn how dangerous breast cancer is and how you can identify it and prevent breast cancer.”

Connect with the Audience: By using audience to display the statistic, I established a connection and relevancy to my topic.

Preview of Main Points:
* Breast Cancer Generalized
* Symptoms of Breast Cancer
* Prevention ad treatment for Breast Cancer

4 Transitions
I will use 4 different signposts, verbally and with movement , used after preview and each main point such as…
“I have just informed you about my 3 main points… now I will be moving to my first main point, Breast Cancer Generalized.”
“I have just informed you about general breast cancer, I will be explaining the symptoms of breast cancer.”
“I have just informed you about the symptoms of breast cancer, I will now be informing you about the prevention and treatment for breast cancer.”
“ Now that you have heard my speech, I want you to remember these important points…”

Body and Supporting Material= Main Points, sub-points, research * Breast Cancer Generalized
* List the definition
* Symptoms of Breast cancer
* List and explain the symptoms
* Prevention and Treatment
* List 2 ways of of prevention
* List 2 ways to treat it
Conclusion= Summary of important facts reviewed...
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