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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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“Just five more minutes on Facebook and I’ll start my studies” are the leading words on the lips of almost every teenager today. Facebook is known to be the most popular social networking website which contains approximately 1.2 billion users most of which are teenagers. Although Facebook may have benefits for example it is useful for communicating to enhance learning and collaborating with others, there are many negative effects especially on teenagers, mainly girls. These consequences include poor academic performances, physiological disorders such as narcissistic tendencies and antisocial behaviours and cyber bullying. Although cyber bullying is not a main concern in my investigation, I decided to mention it here today due to a past incident that occurred in my school. Recently, some students posted insulting comments about a child who in turn informed the principal. In addition to dealing with this matter personally, the principal sent letters to every child’s parent informing them that their child should not be on Facebook and relevant reasons why. In addition to that, the main reason I chose to investigate the topic “The negative effects of Facebook on teenagers,” was that during my CXC year, I suffered the negative impact of a poor academic performance. Therefore, my goal is to educate the students of my school on the major consequences, however, focusing mainly on their grades in an attempt to remind them of their obligation to being a good student. As such, my speech will entail the interesting findings obtained, an evaluation on my sources of information, and the appropriateness of the context, medium and channel chosen as well as the challenges faced on conducting out this investigation.
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