Speech on Pros and Cons of High School Drop Outs

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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There were many times as a child growing up, that I tried to unsuccessfully convince my mother to allow me to ditch school. Sometimes I faked stomach aches, headaches, any type of illness or excuse I could think of that might persuade her to allow me to stay home. I even used to think of ways I could get kicked out of school so I can stay home. They never worked! My mother has a PhD in Global Management and International Finance, so she is an advocate of hard work and the value of obtaining a quality education. Have you ever thought of what really happens to kids who get kicked out of high school? My speech will take a look at the effects of being kicked out of high school. In my research I have found that kids who get kicked out of high school experience difficulty in several areas such as: 1) Their ability to earn a good salary

2) Social issues; Increases potential for negative influences 3) Negative impact on the community
Let me begin by talking about the economic issues kids without a GED or high school diploma face. When a young man or woman gets kicked out of school, he or she does not obtain their high school diploma. This negatively affects their chances of getting a good paying job as well as the types of jobs that are available to a drop out. The world we live in now requires at a bare minimum that everyone has a high school diploma or GED. As technology advances so too does the demand for a quality education. A high school diploma is hardly worth much in the working world as many employers seek individuals with Bachelor’s degrees and higher. This means that kids who get kicked out of high school will be severely limited in the types of jobs they are able to get and how much money they can make. As they are limited by the amount of money they can make, it is more likely that they will be influenced by negative activities such as smoking weed, taking or selling drugs, stealing, carjacking and other criminal activities to supplement their...
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