Speech on Procrastination

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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"Umm.... I didn't write a speech today, sorry. (walk off for a sec and then walk back on and be like) Okay, I'll make one up on the spot now, here goes: Picture this: you walk into school today, into your first period math class and you have to hide in the corner so you don't get screamed at for not having your homework done. I know that this has happened to NEARLY every single one of us. Except Dilan and Asil of course. Don't you dare try "I forgot it at home" or "my printer wasn't working", ‘I had no electricity”. Come on we ALL KNOW THE TRUTH: you gave in to the "ULTIMATE FORCE", the one force stronger than the Jedi’s. The underlying power that will make or break your day tomorrow: PROCRASTINATION. And i think, that i should personally run for "King of Procrastination" (maybe against Kalin) but then again, I could still do it tomorrow.

So, the truth guys (excluding Dilan and Asil because they’re just in their own league, I swear some times their work is done before its even given to us), so the truth, the truth, I’m assuming for the rest of us, is that you haven't done the work today because you still haven't completed doing nothing from yesterday, and how can you leave that undone, that’ll, just be a horrific thing to do. How many of you fall into this category, I know I do. (guys a show of hands will be nice, not u dilan) I mean, why do the work? If the zombie apocalypse is tomorrow then we won't have to do it at all! How great is that? You see, the dictionary will inform you that procrastination is “putting off doing something until a later stage. But in fact – procrastination is the incredibly amazing technique of gaining time to do the things you want. Parents and teachers may shake their fists and yell “procrastination” or “last minute job” or my mom favoutite…” story of my lifffe” but let me tell you, procrastination is just another word for PRIORITIZATION

Career procrastinators often have bad reputations, but they are often the most creative...
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